1 week of college

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This is an interesting feeling. It’s one of excitement and fear and exhaustion and strength. Strength to get that last assignment done, motivation to pack up and get ride of all the things I somehow collected over the last 4 years. Things I don’t need and things I can’t part with. I sat in the graduation meeting today and realized how quickly college went by. I sat in the same auditorium today as I did 4 years ago at freshman orientation. Suddenly I feel so much older, regretful, and sentimental. There were many weeks were I tried so hard to push through, failing and succeeding at different times. There were low points and high points, friendships and friend-byes. Am I sad to leave? Not really, but it still feels strange. m I really old enough to be a college graduate? Am I ready for working life? I used to think, “maybe someday I’ll be a teacher” and now the dream is actually coming true. I pass by various tables of free books and think one of two things: 1) free teaching materials? YES! and 2) I can put that on my bookshelf at home. MY bookshelf. I will have a career and a bed and a really big bookshelf that I don’t have to move every 9 months. I’ll have students to teach and travels to go see friends and dinner with my parents on the weekends. Will I miss college? Probably so. Will I miss the workload that I could never seem to keep up with? NO! Did I do this? YES! In one week and three days, I will be able to say…







One thought on “1 week of college

    The Reading Girl said:
    April 17, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    congrats 🙂

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