The Musician’s Wife

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When we dream of that special someone it’s easy to be distracted by trivial things like physical appearances, hobbies, or skills, but there’s one thing I ask of God if I ever marry: send me a musician.

I guess I’m inclined to think this way. Practically everyone in my family plays some kind of instrument. I’ve listened to my dad lead choirs, play the piano and organ, and it is one of my favorite things to do when I get home is to sit and listen to the music that seems to come so naturally. Then there’s my brother, who plays everything that makes noise. Sometimes I found myself going, “Would you just put that thing down already and take a break?” but neither my dad nor my brother have ever stopped.

It’s because they love playing music. Sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes everyone around you has to hear the squeaks.

I want to play the piano, but I have no motivation for practice. I used to hear, “You have such delicate fingers; perfect for piano”. I respect those who are musicians in heart soul and mind. I want to carry the legacy of music to my children that was handed from my grandmother to my father, to my brother. I wish I could look inside the world of those who seem to get lost in the music.

It takes practice, hard work, energy, and passion to create music. If I can’t play the piano, I’ll settle with holding the hands that do…


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