Reflection on Blood Brothers Film

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Just finished watching a special showing of the new film, Blood Brothers, a documentary about a twenty-something who went searching in India only to find himself in an HIV orphanage, experiencing love, heartbreak, rejection, family, and responsibility. There are just so many things I need to say, so with an heavy heart I will be open because I know it’s so precious just being alive and being His child.

Suriiya. Here’s a little boy who followed Rocky Anna around and became a close part of his life. He became so sick the doctors said he would die. His skin started exploding, he couldn’t see, he was lifeless. Rocky Anna stayed with him in the hospital for four months. He wiped his blood filled spit, cleaned his sores and bandaged his eyes. He brushed his hair and helped him walk. When everyone else on the ward died, Suriiya improved despite the medical team saying he wouldn’t live.

Suriiya: “What is your name?” Rocky Anna asks to the camera. “Suriiya”. He says like any boy in the world who is missing his front teeth. Gosh, he’s so much like my Daniel. Yes, my Daniel. Is it possible to love and miss someone so much even though you only spent five days with them, and will probably never see them again? If it isn’t then I’m okay with being crazy, because I miss him so much. I went to the orphanage to love on kids, and he ended up loving on me. I think of him often and how easy it was for him to love me so quickly despite our different skin colors, age, background, and language. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t remember me, but I will remember him forever.

Secondly, I connected so much to Rocky’s dreams. Could he live in India permanently? That would mean making a commitment. Could he find someone who would love him and share the same passions for the children he had? Is it possible that someone would understand that need to take care of children above all else and want to achieve the same goals? Seeing despair made Rocky feel lonely- when you move, or even talk about moving, or doing something “big” people don’t get it. You feel so different, like you don’t belong in this world.

Yet: What God has called me to let no one take away from me. If I have to give up this American dream, the thought of getting married, living in a big house, I would. You never know how much these experiences change you until you meet that one special kid: your Daniel.

Finally, while I feel called, God has also given me a time of waiting, and it is so important. I am growing despite my dreams to teach, to love, to take care of when they are sick.


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