Kisses of Peace

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Last night I was starting to feel down again, so I got up to take a shower. I squeezed the soap bottle and two bubbles right after the other circled up to my nose and popped right on the tip. I was tickled- how simple little things Jesus uses to show that He cares. That’s why I know he is with four children in Colombia right now. Project Hope put out this message yesterday from CRAN in Bogota:

We received an email from CRAN Orphanage in Colombia today. It asked if we have been able to find a family for a group of 4 children yet. Their names are Natalia (age 11), Carlos (age 7), Brayan (age 6), and Sara (age 5). The orphanage worker said that they ask her EVERY DAY for a family. This breaks our hearts! And to make things even more sad, currently there is almost NO ONE that even knows they are available for adoption. Due to mistakes and paperwork issues, NO ONE is advocating for these precious children. They need a home, and maybe YOU know someone that God is already working on. 

We have met these kids and they are fantastic. They have heard about Jesus during our weeks running camp at CRAN, and they are open and waiting for a forever family that will show them God’s love. This is a chance to completely change the life of 4 children and give them the opportunity to have a meaningful and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. PLEASE pray for them, and tell others. God may want to use YOU to tell someone this story. Please pass along! You can visit our website at and contact us for more information.

Choosing to adopt four children from another country is a huge decision, but I pray that there is a couple who God has been nudging softly to give these children His love and home. Jesus sent me kisses through two simple soap bubbles, and I know He hears the prayers of these children as they ask for a family. 


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