First Impressions

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You would think I was unqualified..,for anything. I’m 22, and I look 15. I couldn’t possibly have anything valuable to offer to a workplace, or to a love life. In a reference letter written for me, it was written, “Don’t let her small stature fool you. She can be firm when she needs to be, but a kind and loving teacher nonetheless.” I’m quiet most of the time, but when I’m upset or angry, you can’t get me to stop talking. 

I’m currently reading Jennifer Worth’s The Midwife (which I found because of the BBC show). In it, Jenny Lee writes about how Sister Julianne’s presence gave her a calm welcome on her first day at work and calmed her nerves about living in a house full of nuns. Chummy, awkward and unfeminine in stature was an extraordinary midwife and had attended etiquette classes, never ridden a bike, but a horse. 


I’m thankful people have spoken for me so that my presence isn’t a setback. I have a gentle face, but a fierce head of dreams, just give me the chance and you will see.  


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