How College is Like a Senior Center

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Today I was blessed to join a group of students to go caroling at a nearby senior center. What I thought would be a sad dreary place was full of happiness- people loved hearing our songs- they clapped their hands and requested songs, even sang along with us at times! I also got to thinking: College is like being in a Senior Center. Just go with me on this one:

1) You get a room and a roommate and your name on the door. You can decorate it anyway you want.

2) You eat in the dining hall and all your food is prepared.

3) You can participate in activities like card making, exercising, and even tv watching.

4) You’re far from family and sometimes you cling to pictures to tell yourself you do have family and are not forgotten.

5) You try to keep your independence despite people trying to tell you what to do all the time and thinking you aren’t capable of making rational decisions

6) You think you’ve lived so much life- as a senior, maybe you have or maybe you don’t and have regrets. In college the door is open to you, you do new things but regret what you don’t do the first time.



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