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I went to Lifeway with my Mom today and picked up a copy of Beth Moore’s devotional cd. I listened to the first track (each one is ten minutes long) and I can’t wait to hear the rest. The first track is called, “James, the good life”. The piece that struck me was on insecurity. Beth Moore encourages women to let go of their pasts because they can’t be changed. (“Insecurity of psychosis of the mind because your heart knows what it wants and what is good but your brain tries to believe you are wrong.”) We can tell ourselves we aren’t jealous,envious or insecure, but  when we hang onto things we can’t change it makes us sick. Even though I am satisfied with the career change and have seen the blessings of God’s provision, I still feel guilt sometimes that I won’t be graduating with an elementary degree. Am I a teacher? Yes. Do I love my job? Absolutely! Satan tries to get me to believe that I need to fit into the mold of the world- be normal, it’s so easy and YOU can’t do it. Yet, I’ve seen so much how God used my experiences in elementary education classes and how the training and wisdom has shaped me. So the question becomes- what do you need to let go of in your past?


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    […] Insecurity ( […]

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