Oh India…

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Hi friends. When you ask God for something genuine, He reveals it in amazing ways. These past few months I’ve been talking with God about adoption daily and the blessings have been incredible and abundant. No, I’m not qualified in any means to adopt right now, but He has strengthened my dream, been in communication with me, and changed my mind to the world. See, when I was 16 I thought God wanted me to take small trip to Romania and that would be the end of that. Little did I know that one night of dreaming would turn into a passion for orphans all over the world. I used to just be obsessed with Romanian culture, now I’m just plain obsessed with the idea of adopting- from any culture. How much more love can God possibly give me? I cry joyfully to think that it can only get better from here. The past few days God has laid India on my heart and I can’t express how happy I am that He has. The more He speaks, the more He opens my heart to love others. Oh India, God has a plan for all your children. Image


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