A Marriage Worth Waiting For…

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Tonight my heart is breaking for those who are hurting in marriage. Recently I watched a commercial where marriage and divorce was made into entertainment. The woman proclaimed, “Who cares, we’re divorcing anyway/” JUST a divorce? Are we really that quick to give up on each other? Marriage is such an intimate relationship- on the inside it’s personal, selfless, and encouraging. However, these complexities should never be solved publicly and never for show. Fixing a marriage is a serious issue. Marriage is a personal thing I someday hope to have, and despite issues, I would hope that the issues would bring me closer to my future husband rather than drive him away. My hope for him is that he could come to me and I could come to him- that we could be faithful to admit faults- that will be the greatest “do over”, and I wish that for everyone who is married or who is going to be married in the future.


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