The One for Me

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Today society would tell me I’m being careless. The modern-day woman is educated, free-spirited, and free to make her own choices. She has no responsibility but herself, and she likes it that way. When you’re young, why not have fun? I choose to rise above the norm- in a world that shames motherhood over all else, I choose to commit my life to this responsibility. Yes, I am a college student. No, I cannot fully know what life will be like in the future, but I do know this: God has created me with a nurturing heart. As a young person, this may seem odd for someone in her early twenties, but for me it’s passion. I long to hear that first heartbeat, see the first photo, and sing someone to sleep when they’re sick. As I get older, God is making it clearer that he has given me a mother’s heart. This means that even if I never legally claim children as my own both through adoption or birth, my heart will take in thousands in small moments of teaching, ministry, and adoption opportunities.


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